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We are a real-life couple of programmers that love traveling. During covid-19 times we spend a lot of time at home not being able to travel. So, we created City Walks Live, a platform where everyone can virtually wander around the world and explore so many places. We would like you to take some time and explore the world from your screen. Walk around cities that you love, day or night, on pre or post covid period, and listen to the sounds of the city. We are always working on improving the experience, with some very exciting new features to be on their way. Stay tuned!


Aristomenis Georgiopoulos


Aristomenis is a software engineer with rich experience on the field. He loves traveling to the less travel places and wishes to have some adventurous travels in the near future. Hes favorite visited place so far is Morocco, with India to be on the top of his bucket list.


Artemis Stiga


Artemis is a front-end web designer with experience on the website development. She loves traveling to instagramic places, taking photos of her brunch and exploring lush pastry shops. Her favorite visited country so far is Japan and the next one on her bucket is Northern Europe.

We created City Walks Live because we wanted everyone to be able to travel virtually. Especially during hard times, that traveling isn't so easy.

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